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Egreat R300 Firmware.epub fellaty


Egreat R300 Firmware.epub

Category:Computer peripherals Category:E-book readersQ: DependencyObject.OnPropertyChanged() called when dependency property is set I have a UserControl which looks like this: class MyControl : UserControl { public ICommand Command { get; set; } public MyControl() { Command = new RelayCommand(Command_Executed, Command_CanExecute); } private void Command_CanExecute(object sender, CanExecuteRoutedEventArgs e) { e.CanExecute = true; } private void Command_Executed(object sender, ExecutedRoutedEventArgs e) { // Do stuff } } If I run this control in a Windows Store App, I see that when I change the value of the command, the MyControl's OnPropertyChanged method is called. Why is that? How can I prevent this behavior? A: The OnPropertyChanged event is raised whenever a DependencyProperty is changed in the DependencyObject. That's expected behavior. The thing you are describing is called Property Changed Notification. It is performed automatically by the Framework, but I suppose you would like to disable it. One way to do this is through Binding, by binding the value of the Command DependencyProperty to a DependencyObject property. Then you won't be able to directly change the DependencyObject property through a XAML binding. ... In your code you'll set the binding context explicitly to the DependencyObject you want to control: public MyControl() { Command = new

Egreat R300 Firmware Rar Full Version Torrent (epub) Book



Egreat R300 Firmware.epub fellaty

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