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Contracts, Obligations,

Civil Liability, Damage and Property.

Preventive and contentious legal advice, focusing on the analysis of legal affairs and their legal implications, aiming to prevent conflicts, and seeking, when necessary, the best judicial solution.

Expertise in civil and commercial contracts, credit recovery, formation and execution of credit instruments, civil liability and insurance.

We are a family owned and operated business.

• Judicial and Extrajudicial Legal Advice

• Formation of Contracts and Legal Affairs

• Repossession | Expropriation

• Civil Liability | Damage Repair

• Insurance | Rectification of Civil Registry

• Trustee | Guardianship | Decision Supported

• Judicial Permit

We are a family owned and operated business.



Warranty, Obligations, Damages and Assets,

Improper registration.

Strategic performance in consumer relations in order to better meet the needs of customers. Preventive and contentious action, in the relations between the company and its consumers, ensuring dignity, health, safety and the protection of their economic interests, aiming to improve the image and the results of the company and its products or services before the market.

We are a family owned and operated business.

• Product or Service Fact or Addiction

• Undue collection | Improper registration with SPC and SERASA

• Misleading advertising | Married Sale

• Flight Delays and Cancellations

• Warranty for New or Used Vehicles
• Legal positioning and preventive action on the commercial practices of supplying products and services in the consumer market.

• Advertising strategies
• Judicial litigation in claims involving consumer accidents
• Administrative defenses and actions with consumer protection agencies



Stable Union, Divorces, Food, Guard, Inventory, Disputes.

Advice on estate planning as a way of preserving family relationships and reducing financial losses. As it is a sensitive area of ​​law, we operate with the utmost secrecy and respect for the privacy of those involved. Performance in the judicial and extrajudicial spheres, seeking to guarantee the client's interests and avoid emotional stress caused by issues of this nature.

We are a family owned and operated business.

• Extrajudicial and Judicial Divorce

• Extrajudicial and Judicial Inventory | Testament | Donations

• Recognition and dissolution of stable union

• Alimony | Visit | Guard | Parental Alienation

• Paternity Investigation | Socio-affective fatherhood

• Adoption



Contracts, Mergers, Bankruptcies,

Industrial property.

Strategic, judicial and extrajudicial performance, in all phases of the company. The challenge of entrepreneurship has several externalities that need to be considered from a legal perspective to minimize negative impacts and enhance performance and results. It is essential to have good legal advice to prepare the business structure and develop know-how.

We are a family owned and operated business.

• Drafting, Analysis and Auditing of Contracts
• Management, Controls and Contractual Flows
• Opinions and Consultations with preventive action
• Lease and transfer
• Arbitral and judicial litigation

• Industrial property | Brands | Patents

• Competition Law | Antitrust Solutions

• Credit titles

• Bankruptcy | Judicial Recovery | Credit Enabling

• mergers | Spin-offs | Incorporations | liquidation of companies

• Company diagnostics and legal audits



Retirement, Disability Benefits,

Death Pension, Seclusion Assistance.

We operate on all fronts of Social Security Law, both in the administrative and judicial spheres. We carry out defense and advice on matters related to the INSS and the Special Statutory Regime, seeking the best solution in the planning of retirement, pensions and aids.

We are a family owned and operated business.

• Retirement by Age and Person with Disability
• Retirement System 86/96
• Sickness benefit | Seclusion | Accident
• Pension for Death
• Maternity pay

• Administrative Resources




It covers the most diverse areas of law.

The vision of what is an effective legal solution has been changing. Depending on the nature of the conflict and the specifics of the case, judicial litigation is not always the best way to solve problems. Focused on that, we provide advice and act in a specialized way in mediation and conciliation. We believe that these are the most effective and quickest ways to truly resolve the conflict. In addition, saving time and financial resources are factors that make mediation the most effective and satisfactory way of resolving conflicts, since the decision when everything ends is in the hands of the parties involved and not in the judiciary.

We are a family owned and operated business.

• Civil Damage Composition | Extrajudicial Transaction
• Mediation of Family Demands
• Neighborhood right | Condominium
• Sharing of Goods
• Moral Damage | Traffic-accidents

• Restorative Justice | Penal Mediation




Contracts, Purchase and Sale, Rent,

Eviction, adverse possession.

Defense and legal advice in the field of Real Estate Law, which is the Private Law area that regulates the relations of law arising from the ownership and possession of real estate. Among these relationships we can mention: purchase and sale of real estate, financing of home ownership, registration of properties, adverse possession, exchange, possession, assignment of rights, rent, among others. Correct legal advice when it comes to Real Estate Law is essential to avoid future problems.

We are a family owned and operated business.

• Buy and selling of properties
• Lease Agreement | Residential and Commercial

• “Built to Suit” Lease Agreement
• Eviction | Review Actions | Lease Renewal
• Possessory and Claims Actions
• Contract Termination | Contractual Liability

• Usucapião

• Assignment of Real Estate Rights | Usufruct

• Pledge on property | Third Party Embargoes




Police Investigation, Custody Hearing,

Jury Court, Execution of Penalty.

Each assumed case is treated as unique. With specialized performance, we strive for respect, agility and ethics. We act in a preventive, contentious and consultative manner. We always aim to promote the full defense of our clients, with ownership and knowledge of the inherent administrative procedures and procedural structure, from the investigation to the last judicial act, which is a differential to obtain success in the defense in each case.

We are a family owned and operated business.

• Defense, Performance and Monitoring of the Process.
• Monitoring of Police Investigations
• Police station monitoring | Prison Relaxation
• Custody Hearing

• Execution of the Penalty
• Jury court

• Special Criminal Courts

• Prosecution Assistance

Respondemos em até 30 minutos 


(41) 3300-0199 


Quero deixar aqui meu agradecimento por todo auxílio e assessoria, vocês são fantásticos, profissionais excelentes e extremamente dedicados, obrigado Borges & Ferreira Advogados. Sempre prestativos e prontos para ajudar, todos os clientes que indicamos para vocês ficaram extremamente satisfeitos. Um forte abraço a todos e muito sucesso!

  Elton Freire

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